Man Candles – the story behind a great Father’s Day gift


“Why don’t people make candles with scents that everyone likes?” 15-year-old Hart Main asked, sniffing at the overly perfumed candles his sister was selling for a school fundraiser. Recognizing the opportunity under his nose, the young entrepreneur combined his passion for helping his community with his interest in making a bolder breed of candle by donating to local soup kitchens and using the empty cans to hold his extraordinary scents.

Hart and his family collaborate with local chandlers to craft soy-wax-blend candles that possess that kinds of familiar aromas that no man (or woman) would turn their nose up at.

Hart’s current lineup includes natural, nostalgic, and savory scents, like dirt, fresh cut grass, sawdust, campfire, pizza, and coffee. The wax is 100% renewable resource, a soy and vegetable wax blend.

Each candle has a wax color unique to its corresponding scent. New York Style Pizza has red wax, Fresh Cut Grass has dark green wax; Dirt, Coffee, Sawdust, and Campfire have tan wax.


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