4 Voice Lessons from Rebekah Stiles-Hughes


Some people believe that either you can sing, or you cannot. But no one would assume that someone would be able to play the flute or piano without being taught how. There are those with natural talent, and those who have a wonderful voice that may be hidden under a poor technique. The main purpose of voice lessons is to teach the student how to sing – how to be the instrument as well as how to use it – so that they can make the best out of what God gave them. If the student has a passion for singing, regardless of their career path, they can become better at singing – even if they are what some call “tone-deaf”!

Why should you sign your kids up for voice lessons (or take them yourself)?

  • Builds self-esteem and builds character
  • Teaches study skills and how to focus
  • Increases brain function, intelligence, and mathematical skills
  • It increases listening skills while improving speaking and communication
  • Develop presentation skills, leadership skills, and creativity

Find more reasons where: http://littlesingers.info/parents/15-reasons-to-take-singinglessons/

Rebekah Stiles-Hughes will give 4 private lessons to the winner of this item.

Retail value: $200


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